Keflavik International Airport

Pick up: Once you clear customs and enter the arrivals hall you will see a sign for Car Rental Shuttle Service and our logo. This shuttle will take you to the Rental Car Area where Blue Car Rental will be your second stop on its route. Quite convenient and easy to find.

Our delivery office at the Keflavik International Airport is located within 4 minutes walking distance from the airport at Blikavellir 3. Renters are also more than welcome to take the walk over to us. Simply exit on the departure side of the airport and you will find us across the street. 

Drop off: Please bring your rental car to us at our Keflavik Airport location at Blikavellir 3, Blue Car Rental headquarters at the airport area for a quick inspection. The Airport Shuttle drives by every few minutes and will take you to the airport once you have dropped of the rental car.