SAAP Insurances

What is SAAP?

Suzuki Vitara driving with sand and ash protection

We are often asked by the customers at Blue Car Rental, what is SAAP and do we really need it? Perhaps you remember few years ago when an Icelandic volcano, which nobody could pronounce the name of, erupted in the south of Iceland.

This particular eruption spread a lot of ash and the amount of ash that came flying out of the volcano, basically crippled European flight traffic for days. Because of this eruption, large parts of the south of Iceland are simply covered with sand and ash, which can become very dangerous and cause extensive damages to your rental car. The damages to the rental car can cost between ISK 500.000 to ISK 1.500.000 to fix while with the insurance, your self-risk liability is set at a ISK 90.000 maximum.

We always say the same thing to our customers at Blue Car Rental; If you plan on travelling through the south of Iceland, we highly recommend it. Specially during the autumn and the spring but it is also recommended for other seasons, since you can never know what the weather in Iceland is going to be like.

A fun Icelandic saying goes like this; If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes.