A guide to Driving North Iceland: Fun stops along the way

Road in North Iceland

Although less traveled when compared to South Iceland, North Iceland is home to many awe-inspiring sceneries that will take your breath away at every turn you make. Amazing wonders along Ring road and detours while driving in Iceland will leave you with the urge to visit the island repeatedly.

The best way to enjoy North Iceland’s stunning scenery is by Driving in Iceland. Here are Northern Iceland’s tourist riches you can expect to see along the way.

Dettifoss Waterfall in Iceland

1. Dettifoss

Enjoy an epic view of the most powerful waterfall in entire Europe. You will get an experience unlike that you will get at waterfalls such as Niagra. This location is a fun stop located to the north of Vatnajökull National Park. You can also visit the Selfoss waterfall, which is a walk away from Dettifoss.

2. Leirhnjúkur

This active volcanic region has many sites worth visiting. Here you will have a close view of geothermal pools and lava flows. Plan to take a walk along the marked path to see some steam vents. Ensure you stay along the trail as you enjoy the sceneries of lava fields.

Krafla - geothermal power plant

3. Krafla/Víti Crater

Another place worth a stop as you drive in North Iceland is the Viti Crater. You will not want to miss seeing a bright blue lake that fills the crater.

Víti crater

4. Húsavík

At Husavik, you will enjoy whale watching. The picturesque town is also known for seabirds and porpoises. You can also visit the whale museum at the harbor.


5. Ásbyrgi

A detour from Ring Road will lead you to Asbyrgi. Here, you will enjoy a breath-taking view of a green valley that is known for its horseshoe shape. Click here to read more about Ásbyrgi.

Goðafoss Waterfall

6. Goðafoss

You cannot miss this waterfall while driving in North Iceland. Stop here and ask why it is called the waterfall of the Gods.’ This stunning waterfall with Iceland’s Christianity history is your way from Akureyri to Lake Myvatn.

Lake Mývatn

7. Myvatn Nature Baths

Whether you are driving in North Iceland in Summer or winter, Myvatn Nature Baths is a must-stop location. See the Northern Lights during winter, or experience the midnight sun as you bathe in this natural lagoon in summer. Click here for more information about the area.

8. Dimmuborgir

You will love to stop at Dimmuborgir if you are a Game of Thrones series fan. Here, you will see the location used to shoot the night watchers scene. You will also understand why it is the gateway to hell once you see the dramatic cave and rocks.

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Blue Ice Experience

Blue Ice Experience

Take an easy 2-hour walk on the tongue of Svinafellsjokull outlet glacier. It's located in the beautiful Skaftafell National Park. You´ll walk on crampons on what is an outlet glacier of the enormous Vatnajokull glacier. The Svinafellsjokull glacier tongue has stunning views, and the scenery you´ll enjoy on the walk are simply breathtaking.