The top three most interesting lighthouses in Iceland

Fun Fact of the day: Iceland has over 104 lighthouses around the island. Since the Vikings first settled Iceland, we have been a fishing nation making lighthouses an essential part of Icelandic culture. Thankfully, lighthouses have been keeping our fishermen safe since 1878. Without further ado, here are some lighthouses worth seeing in Iceland.

Lighthouse in Iceland
Lighthouse in Iceland

Höfði lighthouse

The newest lighthouse in Iceland is located right in Reykjavík near the town center. It’s straight across from the Höfði House, and a short walk from the Sun Voyager statue, which are both trendy tourist spots. The lighthouse is tiny compared to most others and has gained the nickname “halfwit” since the Icelandic word for a lighthouse is ‘viti’. This lighthouse is an excellent photo opportunity for your stay in Reykjavík!

Malarrif Lighthouse: Diego Delso / CC BY-SA

Malarrif lighthouse

This stunning tower is near the very edge of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It was built in 1946 and is still in use to this day. It measures around 20 meters in height and is surrounded by black beaches, basalt pillars, and the beautiful Snæfellsjökull glacier (psst, read more about Snæfellsjökull here). It’s a great drive and a fun way to experience Icelandic nature at its finest. Plus, the lighthouse offers a beautiful contrast to the alien-like environment.

Þrídrangar lighthouse

The most isolated lighthouse on Earth is most likely the Þrídrangar Lighthouse in the Westman Islands, the ideal place to see some puffins. The Þrídrangar are three rock pillars in the middle of the ocean and are only accessible by boat or helicopter. The lighthouse has been called the introvert heaven by internet users and you can clearly see why if you look at the photos. It is definitely a worthy sight to see if you get the opportunity.

It can be a fun challenge to see every lighthouse in Iceland, especially if you intend to see the whole island anyway. Here you can find a list of every lighthouse in Iceland.






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