Advantages of Economy car rental Iceland

Economy rental car driving in iceland.
Explore the Land of Ice and Fire with economy car rental Iceland

Although having the image of a remote island in the North Atlantic, with difficult terrain and unpredictable weather there are many advantages of economy car rental Iceland.

Iceland is known for extraordinary landscape and natural beauty. From its volcanic scenery to majestic waterfalls and mighty glaciers. It is no wonder exploring Iceland is on so many travelers bucket list.

The most practical way to see Iceland is having a car at your disposure. This means a rental car is the most reasonable option for travelers to explore and fully experience the Land of Ice and Fire.

Many believe a 4x4 or a large SUV is needed to travel in Iceland. While that is partly true, it is not as accurate as many might think. In fact, you can see most of the island by opting for an economy car rental in Iceland.

What is an economy car rental in Iceland?

An economy car is as a small car or as some call it, a city car. Generally meaning they are on the smaller size and meant for driving in fairly good conditions, such as on paved roads. Therefore, they are usually not equipped with 4x4 or an AWD system and have lower ground clearance than an SUV.

However, this generates into lower car rental rates, hence being called an economy car rental. Being in most cases the cheapest car rental options.

Benefits of Economy Car Rental Iceland

The most obvious benefit of having an economy car rental in Iceland is the price. It is less expensive than other rental cars. This can help keeping your travel budget down or have more to spend on something else in Iceland. Such as hotels, food, or entertainment to name a few.

Low rental rate is not the only benefit from renting an economy car in Iceland. They are also more fuel efficient. With less fuel consumption, you end up saving even more money. This also means that economy rental cars pollute less and assist with reducing the carbon footprint from your travels.

Behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall south coast iceland.
See Seljalandsfoss waterfall on Iceland´s south coast when renting economy car with Blue Car Rental.

Where can I go on Economy Car Rental Iceland?

Despite its rugged landscape with mountains and lava fields you can easily travel around Iceland in a economy rental car. Iceland´s main road system is almost entirely paved and is well maintained. Meaning you do not need a 4x4 or AWD vehicle unless the plan is to drive on special mountain roads up in Iceland´s Highland, called F-roads.

You can drive the entire Ring Road in Iceland on an economy rental car. Including the south coast of Iceland all the way from Reykjavik to Vik. Passing by some of Iceland´s most amazing natural wonders such as Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Skogafoss waterfall and the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara and Sólheimasandur.

See Iceland on Economy Car Rental

Road one, also called the Ring Road, is not the only route you can travel in an economy car rental Iceland. You also have the opportunity to visit areas such as the Golden Circle. Where you can see some of Iceland´s most iconic sites, including Geysir hot springs, Gullfosss waterfall and Thingvellir National Park.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula, home to Kirkjufell Mountain and waterfall is also accessible on a economy car rental. As well as driving from Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavik in Reykjanes Peninsula. Passing by or stopping at the world-famous Blue Lagoon along the way.

The Best Time to Rent Economy Car in Iceland

Summer is the best time to rent economy rental cars in Iceland. However, that is the same for any kind of rental car. In summer you can practically go anywhere in Iceland on an economy car rental. Visting places like Akureyri in North Iceland or the incredible Westfjords.

The Icelandic winter is cold and long, often with heavy snow. It is also when the weather is most unpredictable. During winter getting to remote areas might be more difficult but not impossible. But keep in mind all Blue Car Rental economy car rental have studded tires during the winter months as well as all customers having access to our Safe Travel App.

Whatever season it is important to see road and weather conditions when driving in Iceland. Planning ahead is key to a great vacation in Iceland. This is especially true when doing a self-guided tour exploring Iceland.

Kirkjufell mountain and kirkjufell waterfall in the midnight sun at snæfellsnes peninsula iceland
See Kirkjufell mountain and Kirkjufell waterfall in the midnight sun at s-Snæfellsnes peninsula.

In Conclusion

Advantages of an economy car rental Iceland are great for any travelers coming to Iceland. Especially, for those wanting to keep travel cost down and reducing their carbon footprint.

While there are limits for choosing economy car rental it is certainly enough to see the best Iceland has to offer. Whether being chasing the Northern lights down the South Coast or experiencing the midnight sun in Reykjavik.

If you like to learn more about driving in Iceland, check out Our Blog. They are full of Practical info about Driving in Iceland.







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