For More Iceland: Join Blue Car Rental’s Reward Program

Blue car rental customer at Jökulsárlón, glacier lagoon

Blue Car Rental has launched a new and exciting Reward program where customers get discounts and other amazing benefits on their car rental in Iceland. Just by signing on to the program you receive a 5% discount with the opportunity to get more discount by earning Blue Car Rental loyalty points.


How to Sign up for the Blue Car Rental Reward Program?

Getting involved in the Blue Car Rental Reward Program couldn't be any easier. Simply find Blue + Reward on the top of our website and from there it is a straightforward process.

Sign in with our name and email address and you´re in! It really as simple as that. And the best part is that you don't even have to be a customer to join the program, it is open for everyone interested in renting a car in Iceland. Just press join now and you will receive your first discount for your Iceland rental car.

How does the Blue Car Rental Reward Program work?

The Blue Car Rental Reward program revolves around collecting points to unlock benefits for your car rental in Iceland. The program is divided into 3 levels. Each giving more discount and benefits than the next.

There are many ways to earn points. To start off you get 50 points just by creating an account and you automatically enter the Bronze stage where you get a 5% discount on your rental car in Iceland.

Just by checking out Blue Car Rental Instagram or sharing it on Facebook, you get more points added to your account. You will also earn points by visiting our safe travel page, a fully integrated safe and information platform available for all Blue Car Rental’s customers. At, but not least, renting a car will earn you 100 points each time you make a booking.

Blue Car Rental Reward Program discount

Blue Car Rental Reward Program’s levels

Bronze: Everyone who signs up for the program starts in the Bronze stage with 50 points and gets automatically a 5% discount on the next rental with Blue Car Rental.

Silver: When you have collected more than 250 Blue points you enter the second tier of the reward program. There you’re discount for a car rental in Iceland will be 10% as well as having a free extra driver and receiving early access to offers from Blue Car Rental.

Gold: If you manage to earn more than 400 points you will become a gold member in the Blue Car Rental reward program. There you will get a 15% discount when renting a car in Iceland, free extra driver, free Wi-Fi and early access to Blue Car Rental offers.

Refer a Friend For More Discount

With the reward program you can also share discounts with your friends. Not only do your friends get a discount for their car rental in Iceland but for each booking made with your referral, you get an extra 50 more Blue points to your account. The discount is already in place when they hit the link you send and displayed through the booking process. This is a fantastic way to help your fellow travelers get the best deal on a rental car in Iceland.

What are Blue Points and how do I use them?

Now, you might be wondering, what are blue points and what do I do with them? Blue points are loyalty points, but you don’t really use them, you only collect them to get into higher tier, from Bronze to Silver and then Gold.

Also, you do not miss points by using them. In fact, you only add points when booking through the reward program. So, you can only add points, not lose them.

Earning Blue points in Blue Car Rental reward program.

Why should I join the Blue Car Rental Reward Program?

There are no strings attached when it comes to Blue Car Rental’s reward program. It’s simply another way for us to improve our service and reach out to our many satisfied customers as well as welcoming new ones to join us.

The main reason for anyone to join Blue Car Rental’s reward program is to get the best deal on your car rental in Iceland. You’re not just getting a discount on your rental car but you can also get other benefits as well such as free extras and early notice on special offers.

Additionally the program can help your friends and family getting a better deal on their car rental in Iceland. There is no obligation or requirements needed, you can join and leave at any point. You never lose your points, and it doesn’t cost anything. It’s free, simple, and fun, as you can use it to help others get a great deal for their trip to Iceland as well.

All you need to do is submit your e-mail and you’re in the program where you can use it as many times and however you want, for as long as you want.


Rent a car in Iceland:

Renting a car is by far the best option to travel in Iceland. Traveling through the land of Ice and fire can be tricky at some points and requires both careful planning and a bit of flexibility. A feature only a rental car can provide in Iceland as you travel at your own pacethrough Iceland's weather and uncharted terrain. 

Blue Car Rental’s premium service does not stop at the reward program. It is Iceland’s number one car rental in customer safety and satisfaction. This is best shown in our outstanding online rating and reviews. Offering full coverage insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. Blue Car Rental is also the first and only car rental in Iceland with online check-in options and key box delivery available at our office at Keflavik International Airport. Making Blue Car Rental both the best and fastest car rental service in Iceland.

Rental car in Iceland at Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

Our conclusion:

Blue Car Rental's newly launched Reward Program offers a dynamic and beneficial way for customers to enjoy discounts and additional perks on car rentals in Iceland. With an easy sign-up process and a tiered rewards system that includes Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels, customers can accumulate Blue Points through various activities, such as engaging with the company's social media platforms, visiting their safe travel page, or simply renting a car. Each tier unlocks more substantial discounts and benefits, including free extras and early access to offers, ensuring that members receive the best deals possible. 

Furthermore, the program's referral system presents an excellent opportunity for customers to share discounts with friends, enhancing the overall value of Blue Car Rental's services. The company emphasizes customer satisfaction and safety, making it a top choice for anyone looking to rent a car in Iceland. With no strings attached, joining the Blue Car Rental Reward Program is a straightforward decision for travelers seeking to maximize their experience in Iceland while enjoying significant savings and advantages.

If you like to learn more about traveling in Iceland, please check out our blogs about Practical Info and Driving in Iceland. 







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