Why Customers love Blue Car Rental

happy blue car rental customer toyota land cruiser and glacier iceland.
Happy customer of Blue Car Rental in front of a glacier in Iceland - KyanaSue

Discover why travelers love Blue Car Rental for their car rental needs in Iceland. What makes a local company in Iceland such a success? Why is it that travelers from all over the world prefer Blue Car Rental above all other Iceland car rental? 

Here we will go over what makes Blue Car Rental the best car rental in Iceland as well as answering; why do our customers love Blue Car Rental?


Blue Car Rental History

To understand why our customers love Blue Car Rental, we need to go back to the roots of the company. As a local car rental in Iceland we have grown to be one of the leading travel companies in Iceland.

Our aim has always been to offer the best car rental service in Iceland, guided by our customers' needs. And according to this customer review, we are doing just that:

Very quick pick up and drop off. Minimum bureaucracy. Minimum wasting time. Kind service. Great experience.” 

Car Rental at Keflavik Airport

Located at the Keflavik airport gives us an opportunity to greet customers as soon as they arrive in Iceland. Being a car rental at Iceland airport is vital for the quality of our service. Only by being a car rental at Keflavik airport can we offer the most important service needed for travelers visiting Iceland looking to explore our amazing country.

Exploring Iceland with Blue Car Rental

Such as the black sand beaches on Iceland's south coast, or the mighty waterfalls like Gullfoss, and Dettifoss. To fully enjoy Iceland's hot springs and glaciers, the best option is to rent a car. Blue Car Rental is the top choice for this.

We are there when you start and end your trip. Helping you get the best start and the most satisfying ending to your adventure in Iceland. Whether your Iceland road trip starts from Keflavik Airport, or you plan a car rental Reykjavik, we are there. Offering pick up and drop off at both our airport car rental and Reykjavik car rental.

gullfoss waterfall, golden circle iceland
Explore Gullfoss waterfall and the Golden Circle in Iceland with Blue Car Rental.

Local Icelandic Car Rental

It can be tricky being a local car rental in Iceland, convincing those traveling to Iceland to choose Blue Car Rental over world famous car rental brands. But there are so many advantages from choosing local companies like us. In fact, being local has given us the freedom to do things our way and the way we believe our customers want to have their car rental in Iceland. It is a huge part of our success.

So, being local is clearly a factor in why customers love Blue Car Rental. It means we care, because for us each customer is special, and we appreciate being chosen and trusted for making the best Iceland trip possible. Offering a rental car in Iceland is a huge responsibility and we take pride in making our customers' dreams come true.

Top Rating and Great Reviews

Our high ranking on Google and social media, along with many positive reviews, shows that our service is excellent. With the 4,5 stars rate on Google Reviews makes Blue Car Rental the highest rated car rental in Iceland. But it's not just the high ranking it is in the massive amount of positive feedback we are most proud of.

As this would mean nothing without the over 3500 feedback left by our customers on Google Review alone.

On Facebook our rating is just as great or 4.4 with close to 600 reviews to back it up. This perhaps doesn’t answer why our customers love us but it certainly proves it. We are extremely proud of our rating and reviews. It shows the trust and satisfaction our customers have to Blue Car Rental. That's something worth displaying and celebrating.

Unique Car Rental Service

Alright, let’s get back to why customers love Blue Car Rental. To understand that we must see what all our wonderful customers have to say about us.

When reading through all these thousands of reviews and feedback we can truly see why customers love Blue Car Rental and consider it the best car rental in Iceland.

Easy self check in with a code and lock box, and easy to drop back off. No issues or hassle. Car was in great condition and would definitely use again,” said this customer and happily many do return.

This is my third time renting with Blue and could not be happier. Good vehicles, great prices and super convenient. Thank you!

customer at blue car rental keflavik airport office.

Carefree Iceland Vacation

Our customers especially like our insurance policy, dub our Zero worry policy. Offering full insurance coverage, roadside assistance and not holding any deposit during the rental time.

This along with having the newest fleet, a special safety app available to our customers is all part of the puzzle which combined make our customers so happy.This is all part of our Zero worry policy, where we aim to provide a carefree car rental experience in Iceland. 

Zero waiting time  

But that's not all. What our customers love the most is our innovative thinking and solutions to maximize their happiness while visiting Iceland. That's where our Zero waiting policy kicks in.

That's right, at Blue Car Rental you don't have to spend hours waiting in Iine for your rental car. With our online check-in service customers can finish the entire rental process online, before arriving in Iceland. Only thing left to do is pick up the rental car and start exploring Iceland. We even offer a key box pick up option, so customers can easily collect their Iceland rental car at any time.

With this we have limited the average waiting time for a rental car at Blue Car Rental down to less then one minute. That's probably a world record and a huge part in why our customers love us.


By offering honest and loyal service as well as always doing our best to make dream road trips in Iceland become a reality is why our customers love Blue Car Rental.

Reviews are vital to us. As a local car rental company in Iceland, with no affiliation to worldwide car rental brands, the majority of our customers hear about Blue Car Rental through reviews. Whether it being on Google, Facebook or even just word by mouth.

If you like to learn more about Iceland we recommend our blog, where you can find interesting articles about Driving in Iceland and Practical Info









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