Everything you need to know about driving in Iceland. How do you drive in Iceland in the winter? How long does the day last? How can you stay safe on the roads? In the summer, our roads are ok, but they’re narrower than many people are used to, and there are some things best to avoid. So, we try our very best to tell you about the best ways to drive in Iceland.

19 September 2019
Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland in the winter

If you want to be technical, the winter in Iceland lasts from the end of October to the end of April. But winter conditions can happen anytime between late August and early June, Iceland is a sub-Arctic country after all.

11 September 2019
Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland in March

For many Icelanders, March marks the beginning of spring, but spring doesn't really start until April, no matter what Icelanders try to tell themselves. But it is getting warmer and brighter, and the darkness of the previous three months has lifted a little bit.

6 August 2019
Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland: Which side of the road?

You arrive in Iceland, fresh-faced and full of wonder. And then you think to yourself: wait, which side of the road do I drive on in Iceland?

7 March 2019
Driving in Iceland

The #FeelingBlue winner had a blast in Iceland

Liz had been seriously unlucky for the last couple of years and we wanted to turn her luck around after hearing her story. It’s safe to say we accomplished that and Liz had the time of her life here in Iceland!

16 January 2019
Driving in Iceland
Practical info

A Memorable Iceland Vacation

When planning a vacation in Iceland, it is essential to make time for relaxation and spontaneity.

23 November 2018
Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland in January and February

Driving in winter can be tricky. If you are visiting Iceland in January or February this is the blog for you.

2 October 2018
Driving in Iceland
Practical info

How Long Does it Take to Drive Around Iceland?

A lot of our customers ask us how long it takes to drive around Iceland and the answer is always the same: “Oh dear, hmmm … 2-100 days?” It’s an impossible question to answer.

27 August 2018
Driving in Iceland
Practical info

#FeelingBlue Winner Announcement!

We have a winner! Our #FeelingBlue video contest was immensely popular and after reviewing all the entries we've chosen Liz Connor as a winner.

9 January 2018
Driving in Iceland

Driver Guide – the preventative road safety system

he system has already gathered some publicity in Iceland and overseas, for its unique value, quality, and level of innovation. While roads and road safety in Iceland has come a long way in the past few years and will continue to improve, we feel that the system is necessary and very helpful considering the circumstances here.