All the best places to visit in Iceland. Where do you want to stop on the Golden Circle? What is Ásbyrgi? Where is the best place to see the northern lights? What volcanoes can you visit? Iceland has no shortage of natural wonders. While the better-known wonders like Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir will surely impress you, people tell us that they also love discovering others lesser-known natural wonders on their drive around Iceland.

3 October 2018
Natural Wonders

River rafting in Iceland is as cool as it gets

River rafting in Iceland is a big thing. Over the years it has become increasingly popular and now, many tour operators have river rafting tours all over Iceland.

3 October 2018
Natural Wonders

Blue Staff’s Top 5 list of things to do in Reykjavík

We strolled through the workplace and asked our staff what they like to do in Reykjavík city. Most of them were happy to give us suggestions.

2 October 2018
Natural Wonders

5 Geothermal Areas Close to Reykjavík City

If you want a nice road trip out of Reykjavík to explore geothermal areas, we know all the right places. There are a lot of areas to choose from, but these are our favorites!

5 September 2018
Natural Wonders

3 Legendary Detours from Iceland’s Ring Road

If you’re driving the ring road around Iceland you most certainly do not have to stay on it for the whole time! There are a lot of fun detours with hidden gems, fewer people, and magnificent sites.

4 September 2018
Natural Wonders

5 Exciting Outdoor Pools in Iceland

When you hear Iceland, everybody thinks of the Blue Lagoon, the Northern Lights, and volcanoes but there are more spas and pools to dip your toes in while touring the country.

23 August 2018
Natural Wonders

Three things to try on your way through Akureyri

Akureyri is often considered a capital in its own right. The capital of the North. Both a mandatory road stop and an excellent base for day trips, the town has a lot to offer travelers.

25 July 2018
Natural Wonders

Why you should get your ass to the east

Not only has the weather this summer been WAY better in the eastern fjords of Iceland than in southwestern Reykjavik, but the east has tons to offer curious travelers. Be sure to get off the main road to one of the area's idyllic fishing villages. Or get your ass to some serious hiking.

12 July 2018
Natural Wonders

What to do in the West Fjords in 2018?

If you want to get away from the crowds, the West Fjords are the place to go to. The area is just over 22.000 km2, but due to the many mountains and limited flatlands, the population is only about 7000 people.

15 May 2018
Natural Wonders

New activities in Iceland in 2018

When we wanted to see what’s new and interesting for travelers in Iceland in 2018, we looked to see what the good people at Startup Tourism in Iceland are up to. Some of the activities are very interesting!