All the best places to visit in Iceland. Where do you want to stop on the Golden Circle? What is Ásbyrgi? Where is the best place to see the northern lights? What volcanoes can you visit? Iceland has no shortage of natural wonders. While the better-known wonders like Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir will surely impress you, people tell us that they also love discovering others lesser-known natural wonders on their drive around Iceland.

watching the northern lights in Iceland
27 October 2017
Natural Wonders

Blue staff's secret spots for Northern lights watching in Iceland

We love the Northern Lights! Watching them never gets old, no matter how often you see them. They’re not always visible, though. It needs to be winter and dark outside, you need to have clear skies and solar activity interacting with earth’s magnetic field.

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in Iceland
25 September 2017
Natural Wonders

Top 5 Blue and beautiful places to see in Iceland in the winter

In case you haven’t noticed, we like blue. Iceland has some incredible blue places and we’d like to share them with you. The staff at Blue car rental had a nice long brainstorming session. After some discussion and one argument that was settled in a Viking style sword-fight (not really), here are ...

Svartifoss waterfall in Iceland
6 September 2017
Natural Wonders

Svartifoss waterfall – the black columnar basalt beauty

In Skaftafell, which is part of Vatnajökull national park, you´ll find a very pretty waterfall called Svartifoss (Black waterfall). Its name comes from the black basalt columns that surround it very beautifully, and when you see Svartifoss, you´ll understand the name.

Ásbyrgi canyon in Iceland
29 June 2017
Natural Wonders

Ásbyrgi: Sleipnir's footprint in Midgard

Out of all the places in all of Iceland, Icelanders tend to LOVE Ásbyrgi canyon the most. They usually call it the most magical place you can find in Iceland. Now, we can describe Ásbyrgi in words, but you must visit the place to understand the magic of it.

Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland
29 June 2017
Natural Wonders

The Golden Triangle in Iceland - or was it a circle?

We get asked a lot about the Golden Triangle in Iceland. We’d be evil if we told you that it’s a thing. It’s not. You probably meant to search for the Golden Circle! It’s Iceland’s most popular route and consists of three stops

Laki craters in Iceland
12 June 2017
Natural Wonders

So, you want to visit volcanoes in Iceland?

If you land in Keflavík airport, pick up your rental car from us and drive to Reykjavík, you´ll already have passed a few volcanoes. You don’t have to drive far from Reykjavík to find volcanoes such as the Blue mountains and Hengill.

Geysir Strokkur in Iceland
15 May 2017
Natural Wonders

Self drive with extra stops along the Golden Circle route

The traditional Golden circle consists of three stops. There's Þingvellir national park, Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysir geothermal area. Now don’t get us wrong, these are all fantastic places and we highly recommend them.

Landscape in Húsafell, Iceland
5 May 2017
Natural Wonders

Our top 3 attractions in Borgarfjörður, West Iceland

West Iceland is beautiful. What’s more, it’s a little less crowded than the South coast and Golden circle. Driving the whole area of Borgarfjörður is a perfect day tour from Reykjavík or a fun detour from the ring road. We had a tough time picking our favorite stops. There are simply so many interes...

Háifoss waterfall in Iceland
12 January 2017
Natural Wonders

Iceland road trip in October Pt3

On our way back to Keflavik Airport we did one stop at the way back, the big waterfall Haifoss. We had use of our 4x4 car this time as well, you need to drive on quite tricky roads in order to drive all the way to this place.