4 March 2020
Practical info

What shoes to wear in Iceland?

Iceland is the country of fire and ice, and rain and sun and wind and snow – all in five minutes. DO you have to bring all types of shoes with you? Does it matter if it is May, July, October or January? Well, despite what you might have heard, Icelanders do experience summer! Oh yes! So, if you are coming in the summer months, you can leave your moon boots at home!

27 February 2020
Practical info

Things to do in Iceland in March

March is soon upon us! Spring will hopefully start to spring up, the days are getting brighter, and the temperatures are slowly rising. There are many things you can see and do in March, and we have put together a fun list of three things to do in this shoulder month!

18 February 2020
Icelandic Culture

Why does Iceland not have an army?

The question maybe should be: Why is Iceland in NATO when it does not have an army? Which is an excellent question and has been a hot topic for many Icelanders since 1949 when Iceland became one of the founding members of NATO after years of neutrality.

11 February 2020
Practical info

Are drones allowed in Iceland?

Once upon a time, it was free for all to use a drone wherever the drone-owner wanted to use it. Then the authorities saw they could be dangerous or at least disruptive, either for people or animals and laws on drones were implemented. Drones are generally allowed, but there are quite a few restrictions in place.

4 February 2020
Icelandic Culture

Fun things to do in February in Iceland

The long month of January is finally over, and the bright days of February are upon us. Not only are the days getting better, but the relentless weather warnings are slowing down.
OK, it is not all doom and gloom, of course. Even though Mother Nature decided it was possibly time for an eruption in a place which has not had one in about 700 years.

27 January 2020
Practical info
Icelandic Culture

The Best Lobster Soup in Iceland

When you think about Icelandic food it might be the world-famous Icelandic hot dog, or shark or a singed sheep’s head but not lobster. But we do love lobster, we even have a lobster fast food truck in downtown Reykjavík!

22 January 2020
Natural Wonders

Why does Iceland look like Mars?

We are keeping on with the theme of geology. This time we are going to discuss the Moon landscape of Iceland. And the Mars landscape of Iceland. It’s both!

20 January 2020
Natural Wonders

How was Iceland made?

Like we said in our last post, Iceland is being pulled apart by the tectonic plates. What we didn’t mention was that this has been a theme of Iceland since the beginning of time itself.

15 January 2020
Natural Wonders

History of Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland

You probably know that Iceland is one of the most volcanically active countries in the world. Our eruptions are different from many places as the country is being pulled apart, so it literally rips open to create new land. Many other countries are being smushed together, which causes friction.